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When designing a landscape you should consider the type of look you want to achieve. There are many different styles, forms, shapes, and materials will achieve a look that will go well with the unique Austin TX climate andámoisture conditions. The type of maintenance and water usage will also be critical in the design of the landscape and of course your budget will be important factor while designing your dream landscape.

Understanding your landscaping needs will help start the design process. Factors to condier include privacy, color, shape, noise retention, entertainment, water, etc. A landscape design also does not have to be limited to plants and turf, adding hardscapes like a fire pit, water feature, or outdoor kitchen is a great functional addition to any landscape.

Josh Cerda, landscape designer of Immaculate Outdoor has 18 yearsÆ experience of creating unique, beautiful and long lasting landscapes throughout the Austin area by utilizing his knowledge of plant material, water requirements, hardscape integration and proven design cues. Immaculate Outdoor use Pro Landscape software to design our landscapes. View some Immaculate Outdoor landscape designs

Experience Makes a Difference in Landscape Design

While designing landscaping that will work well here in Austin it is important not to over plant the landscape area. Usually short term gains are long term losses. Over planting landscapes will lead to more maintenance and design failures as the landscape matures. After 18 years of learning how plants grow, how plants should be shaped, what types of water usage plants have, and what types of diseases and problems plants can develop we've become experts at working with our Austin area clients to create a landscape plan that balances all of the necessary elements.

As part of the design process, we'll ask if you want a formal landscape with shapes manicured and neat or or an informal landscape that allows the plant material to appear more natural and free.

We'll also take the time to make sure we're putting the right plants in the right spots, which is a great way to achieve success in your garden. If you plant a sun loving plant in the shade your landscape will not stand a chance. If you plant a 15 foot growing shrub in a 3 foot space you will be disappointed. We're experts at utilizing the correct plants for specific applications.

Great Design Requires Professional Landscape Installation

At Immaculate Outdoor, we use the proper industry grade equipment to install landscaping correctly and efficiently, without taking shortcuts. Our well trained staff has experience using all types of landscaping tools, large and small, including backhoe, bobcats, trenchers, jack hammers, sod cutters, plate compactors, generators, hammer drills, nail guns and many others. Our dump trailers and trucks allow us to be efficient and prompt. Being clean is important to our installation process throughout the job, and we strive to leave your property free from trash and debris. We make sure that every component of the landscape is installed properly so that the design will function properly.

Landscape Maintenance Keeps Your Landscaping Beautiful and Trouble Free

The final component in a successful landscape design is to make sure that once installed, the landscaping is properly maintained. Even the most well thought out design and proper installation will be forced to deal with time and our unique Austin Texas weather. Without proper maintenance, any landscape will begin to show it's age unnecessarily.

To protect your valuable landscaping, Immaculate Outdoor can provide full service landscape maintenance. By visiting your Austin area property on a regular basis we can correct issues such before they become expensive, difficult to fix problems. We'll make sure that the plant materials are surviving and thriving as they should, or we'll take corrective measures to get them back on track. Our team will leave you wil any information you'll need on upkeep to do between our visits. At Immaculate Outdoor we take pride in our landscape creations, and will be glad to help you keep them to as beautiful as possible.

Please contact us at any time at (512) 801-7227 to get started with the highest quality landscape design, landscape installation, and landscape maintenance services for Austin, Leander and surrounding areas.


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