Lawn Sprinklers - Irrigation System Installation and Repair

It's very important to have a well-designed irrigation system as part of your Austin TX lawn and landscaping. While our population and city is growing our water source is diminishing. Water restrictions and the cost of water for Austin residents is all the more reason to have a well-designed sprinkler. Before the sprinkler system is installed the landscape design should be completed so the sprinkler will be as efficient as possible. Irrigation zones should be separated in a sense for you to achieve complete time management and place the correct amount of water for each station in the desired area. The best way to reach this goal is to have grass zones only watering grass and bed zones only watering beds. Your landscaping should consist of plant material that requires similar amounts of rainfall. The zones should be hydro-zoned so that each of the zones have the same amount of sunlight and or shade.

Quality Lawn Sprinkler - Landscape Irrigation Systems Allow Flexibility

Modern sprinkler and irrigation systems are equipped with an electronic controller that allows quick and easy adjustments. Understanding your sprinkler / irrigation system controller and being able to confidently work it will be a great part of your success of the lawn and water bill. Adjusting your sprinkler controller from season to season will benefit the overall success of your lawn and plant material.

Modern Landscaping Sprinkler Systems are Water Efficient

Rain sensors, moisture sensors, and weather station will help prevent wasted water, which is very important for the Austin area. Also, Cycle and soak features will help prevent runoff and improve deep watering habits. Having a professional controller will allow you to achieve these settings and add on the sensors that will help reduce the waste of water.

Using Top Quality Sprinkler Products Makes All the Difference

There are many types of irrigation products and manufacturers, such as Hunter, Rainbird, and Toro.

Over time we have come to prefer Hunter for our irrigation/sprinkler installations here in the Austin and Leander areas. Although failures of Hunter products are rare, they stand behind their parts with an excellent warranty. An exciting feature Hunter offers is the remote control system port. While most system controllers are installed inside the garage, we're able to install a port on the outside of the garage wall that allows our remote controlá to plug in. This adds the convenience of access to the sprinkler controller box without getting back into your garage, so you donÆt have to be home for us to make adjustments to the sprinkler system. Hunter leads the industry with their remote technology.

Additionally, Hunter offers a wide range of controllers that will fit the needs of a small landscape or a very large office building and or an apartment complex.áThis allows designing a system for anyásize and variety of property throughout the Austin area. á

Although we recommend Hunter sprinkler and irrigation components, we can perform an excellent installation with any major manufacturers components in the event that you have a preference or ar adding on to an existing system.

Licensed Irrigator - State of Texas

Important Factors For Your Sprinkler System Installation:

  • Be sure the contractor is a licensed Texas irrigator. Josh Cerda of Immaculate Outdoor is a State of Texas Licensed Irrigatorá#13832
  • Check that your contractor has a record of irrigation system installation experience and professionalism.
  • Your contractor should be insured.
  • Hire a contractor who has proven that they have the ability to design and install a system that works for your turf and landscape.
  • Familiarize yourself with the terminology of the components regularly used for an installation: heads, valves, swing arms, pvc pipe, backflow device etc.
  • Know what type of plants and turfgrass you are watering and the amount of water needed.

Why Choose Immaculate Outdoor for Your Sprinkler Installation?

We back up our experience with a three year warranty on our sprinkler system installations. Our systems offer 100 percent water coverage, we separate our turf zones from our flower bed zones, and we hydrozone our sun and shade areas. Most importantly, we make certain to provide our customers with a system they can be proud of. We're your top choice for Austin irrigation system installations.á

We're excited to get started on your irrigation / sprinkler system project. Just give us a call at (521) 801 7227, or use our online contact form to get started today!

irrigation - Sprinkler System Repair

Do you have an existing lawn sprinkler system that is not working, or not working as efficiently as it could? In most cases, if you're located iin or around the Austináarea,áImmaculate Outdoor can fix it! Read about our sprinkler / irrigation system repair and maintenance service.


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