Pest Management - Weed Control - Lawn Disease Control

Utilizing our lawn care knowledge and professional products, Immaculate Outdoor can eliminate weeds, insects, diseases and any target pest your lawn may encounter here in the Austin TX area.

We use a combination of granular and liquids to eliminate our pests. Most fertilizer products are granular and most weed control products are liquids. We've studied for 18 years to make sure that our technicians are providing you with the right diagnosis and correct application for commonáweed and pest problems found here in Austin.

Specialy Formulated Products for Weed, Insect, and Disease Control throughout Austin and Surrounding Areas.

Immaculate Outdoor uses top formulated fertilizer designed specifically for AustinÆs alkaline soil to keep your lawn green all season long.

Fertilizing with the wrong fertilizer or incorrect analysis can cause major problems to your turf. This is one of many reasons that it is advisable to let a professional lawn care and landscape company handle your fertilization, weed control, and lawn pest control.

Safe and Effective Lawn Pest Control, Weed Control and Disease Control

While trying to make the lawn green and keeping any weeds, or insects, or disease away we are always thinking of your family. Weá'll use the least harmful and environmentally friendlyáproduct to accomplish the best results possible.á Depending on the products used for your specific applicationáwe'lláwill advise when necessary to keep children and pets off the lawn after applications. Most products have a minor time restriction to re-entry, however some may require up to 24 hours before re-entry.

After any lawn application we will be sure to clean-up properly. We'll use a gasoline powered blower to blow fertilizers and any other pesticide granules off sidewalks and driveways. Leaving your property clean after we leave is always a high priority at Immaculate Outdoor. We value our environment here in Austin and utilize best practices for be environmentally friendly whenever we can.á

Organic Lawn Program Available

Immaculate Outdoor can also provide a full organic program if preferred, rather than a synthetic approach. We can teach you cultural practices that will strengthen the natural process of your landscape, based on what we have learned about the Austin area soil conditions, water conditinos and plant needs.

It is important to keep in mind that organic treatments are not as effective or fast. When target pest are in abundance, synthetic pesticides may be the only answer. Cultural practices are key in organic approaches.

Our Lawn Pest Control, Weed Control, and Disease Control Services:

If you have any questions about our insect control, weed control, or lawn disease prevention services or would like to schedule a visit from Immaculate Outdoor, please call us at 512-801-7227.

Immaculate Outdoor is ready to make your lawn beautiful and healthy today!


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