Fence and Custom Deck Installation

Attractive fencing that matches well with your home and landscaping is a valuable addition that increases your privacy, and helps create an area where pest and children can enjoy the outdoors. The addition of a custom deck to your home is another way to create visually appealing and functional space in a practical way.

Heavy Duty Fence Installation Saves You Money In the Long Run

Most residential fencing is here in Austin is 6 feet in height and built with landscaping timbers, two wood rails, light duty pickets, and often has a gate that will not open correctly shortly after the installation is complete.

As a preventive measure against common wooden fence problems and wear, at Immaculate Outdoor we like to install heavy duty well-built wooden fencing using 8 foot treated 4x4 posts or 8 foot 13 gauge metal posts. A three rail system builds and better fence along with making the pickets straighter and stronger. There are basically two thicknesses of 6 foot pickets. We have a 9/16 picket that is a normal thickness which many fences are built out of. We also have a very thick 3/4 picket that is very nice and strong. Both pickets are heavy duty and a great product to build a strong, long lasting wooden fence. We dig our fence post holes holes two feet deep and install two sacks of concrete per hole. The gates that we build have a galvanized frame with heavy duty hinges that prevents sagging. We have all the quality tools to build a fence for you that will last. We make sure are pickets are straight and our post is plum. Our wooden fences are built to last!

We also have and install metal fencing and railing. Our fabricators can build any type of railing or metal fencing that you should need.

Creative, Customized Deck Installations Add Value

We build custom decks, arbor, and patio covers that will exceed your expectations. Our area (Austin Texas and surrouonding) has many elevation changes that invite opportunities to install a quality deck with a hill country view, or we can install a simple flat space in your back yard. From a simple one level deck structure to complicated multi-level decks, we can do it all. We install Western Red cedar decks, treated yellow pine, and exotic hardwoods such as Ipe and Tiger wood. Our custom decks can be built using hidden fasteners if you prefer. Additionally we can build arbors for either shade or rain protection, and patio covers.

Immaculate Outdoor - Your Local Fencing and Deck Installation Experts

Fencing or a deck√°will be an investment in your home that you may have a lot of questions about before committing to an action plan. Each property is unique and we'll be glad to discuss your deck and fencing options, and suggest a plan that is both affordable, and meets your needs. Please contact us at any time at (512) 801-7227 with any questions you may have about our wooden fencing, metal fencing and custom deck installation services.


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