Landscape Drainage & Grading

Drainage is a vital process in landscaping that is often missed or left out by landscapers. It is very important to respect the water flow and understand where problem areas may arise while installing flower beds, patios, walls and any other landscape element that may block the natural flow of water. Water is very powerful and will push over walls, erode landscapes, disturb mulch and flower beds, and can even intrude into your house if the drainage is not not taken into consideration. Having incorrect or no drainage is a quick way to cause costly damage to your property.

Immaculate Outdoor always factors the drainage and natural flow of water into the design and construction of our landscape elements. We've been installaing landscape drainage systems throughout Austin TX and surrounding areas for a long time, and our experience shows. Over time we have grown become extremely knowledgable about what works and what doesn't for drainage in our unique climate, soil and rain conditions. We prefer to use NDS Drain Systems components, as they offer a wide variety of drainage products that are long lasting, durable, and affordable.

Drainage Systems Uniquely Designed for Your Property

We can create the right drain system for your lawn. No matter the flow or elevation we can get the water off of your property. We're experts in the installation of catch basins, French drains, channel drains and pumps to make certain your home is protected from any unwanted water. We'll determine the amount of water flow, then utilize the correct size pipes and drain system to make sure you r property will not accumulate standing water. Not only will we make sure that the drain functions correctly and efficiently, we'll also make it asthetically pleasing by incorporating the drain system into the landscape in a way that offers almost invisible integration.

Grading for Landscaping - A Valuable Component

If you are installing a new lawn from scratch, Immaculate Outdoor is your top choice for proper landscape grading. There is nothing more important than getting the final grade right. We will grade the lawn to have no drainage problems, and will make certain that the ground is level to lay sod on. During the grading process we'll make sure the last 4öto 6ö is premium dirt for the lawn to take root and thrive. Historically weather in the Austin area is hot and dry, so ensuring that the new grass can get themaximum amount of moisture when it does rain is part of our landscape grading process. An ample amount of dirt for the lawn will smooth nicely, promote a healthy lawn, and look well manicured once th grass grows in.

Go Green By Adding Rainwater Harvesting to Your Landscaping Drainage System

Rainwater harvesting is quickly gaining popularity as people start to realize the importance of water re-use as an inexpensive way to be more environmentally friendly. We can utilize the water from your drainage system to fill up rain barrels or even run into a catch basin for a water feature to keep it filled with natural water. Additionally during drought conditions we can collect our drainage water and turn it into a potable water source. Learn more about Rainwater Harvesting.

If you have any questions about our grading and landscape drainage services, please call us at 512-801-7227, or contact us via our online form.


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