Warranty Information

Please read the warranty information below regarding landscaping and grass installation, rock work, and sprinkler system installation as provided by Immaculate Outdoor. If you have any questions about these warranty terms we'll be glad to answer them for you prior to any work being performed. To the right you'll see clickable icons for printable versions of both the warranty and a work change order which can be used if your job specifications change while an installation is being performed.

Landscaping and Grass Installation 30-Day Limited Warranty:

Immaculate Outdoor warranties landscaping for thirty days after completion of work. We guarantee that we will deliver exceptional quality plants and grass at time of delivery. It will be up to homeowner to keep plants in deliverable condition. Warranty is voided if there is a lack of maintenance or if watering schedule is not followed. No warranty is offered for landscaping or grass without automatic sprinkler systems. Damage due to Acts of God (freezing weather, insects, hail, drought, flood, etc.) is not the responsibility of Immaculate Outdoor and are not covered by this warranty. Over watering plants and grass is just as harmful as under watering. Contractor cannot be responsible for over watering plant material. It is the home ownerÆs responsibility to change the sprinkler settings from season to season. There is no one setting good for 12 months. Not changing the sprinkler setting from season to season as temperature rise and fall, will result in a poor landscape.

It is the home ownerÆs responsibility to inform Immaculate Outdoor that the plants or lawn is not living or damaged before the thirty day expiration. The notice must be in writing.

Grass and plant shortages will be paid for by homeowner. The contractor is not responsible for paying for additional plants or grass if the estimate does not provide adequate coverage to the yard.

Hardscape Rock Work

Immaculate Outdoor will provide exceptional quality work while installing hardscaping and mortar. Our installation process cannot be surpassed. We will provide quality products and workmanship, however, No cracking is warrantable, including any joining of two different seams or from separate pours(cold joints). We can fix cracks however due to ground movement some cracking is to be expected. Rock color cannot be guaranteed since it is a natural material that is inconsistent from quarry to quarry and dig locations.

Owner will pay for the final measurements of rock work at the price per foot agreed upon in the estimate, and not the estimated dimensions.

Sprinkler System Three-Year Limited Warranty:

Immaculate Outdoor (ôContractorö) warranties against product failure (any part that does not function properly due to manufacturerÆs defect, such as clocks, heads, valves, etc.) or workmanship (pipe glue separation or improper installation). This warranty covers all areas within scope of the work, with no changes to landscape.

Clock training and maintenance are not included. (Contractor will provide an ownerÆs manual for the sprinkler system at completion of work.)

Not included in this warranty are broken pipes or wires from digging, broken sprinkler heads from vehicles, putting shrubs in front of grass heads, broken nozzles from lawn mowers, or freeze damage due to weather. Broken pipes due to freezing conditions are not the responsibility of the Contractor. Contractor will respect the condition of lawn and landscape as much as possible during sprinkler system installation; however, Contractor is not responsible for damage done to lawn and landscape due to extreme underground conditions such as rocky terrain and digging depth requirements. Underground utilities will be marked by a locating service hired by the Contractor before any digging is begun. The owner is responsible for any underground utilities not marked by the locating service, such as pipe, electric, water, sewer, etc. Contractor will not be responsible for any unmarked pipe not installed to code or below 12ö depth. Depth of sprinkler lines will be between 6ö and 8ö. If any lines need to be deeper than 9ö as determined by the density of rock, Contractor accepts no responsibility for damage to underground utilities, electric, gas, sewer or objects. Contractor will not be responsible for boring sleeves under existing concrete work. If sleeves are unavailable, owner is responsible for the cost of boring. Rocksaw work requested by owner will incur an additional charge per day. Contractor will not be responsible for any utilities or broken lines caused by rocksaw use.

Only sprinkler ditches and areas affected by sprinkler installation will be raked down, not the entire lawn. Rain damage on newly graded areas is not the responsibility of the Contractor. Any additional grading required will incur extra charges.

Owner is responsible for providing electricity to the clock before the clock is installed.

Sprinkler system will furnish 100% head-to-head coverage to all irrigated areas, with flower beds on different zones than grass.

Contractor will not be responsible for any water bills.

It is the homeownerÆs responsibility to follow water restrictions. Immaculate Outdoor is not responsible for setting controllers to follow changed water restrictions. Immaculate Outdoor will not be responsible for fines accessed for violation of water restrictions. Homeowner needs to follow seasonal adjust schedules, seasonal runtimes and days watering. These clock management changes through seasonal changes will be mandatory for a successful garden.

Work is complete when sprinkler system is running nozzles are adjusted, and system works from the clock. Owner is responsible for final payment at this time.

Please print and sign a copy of the warranty terms prior to work beinning.


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